Parking Fail

Parallel Parking FAIL

Wooden Spoon Prank

blah...if you are interested^^

unfortunatly you cant really see the blemishes i removed and some distortions i made.
but the are there...subtle but present.
if anyone is interested, i might post a closeup tomorrow.
so leave a comment!!!
so long nerds


Marcel and Martin...there you go

And here is a link for all you fashionistas/photgraphers/publicists/commercial junkies/....
You'll find the best commercials, ads, pics you can dream all packed up in this little sucker.
It's worth every penny. believe me. You'll love it.

P.S. Marcel und Martin...wie könnt ihr dieses Magazin nicht kennen...schaut mal rein.


and this is the one your laptop needs

Zirkeltraining...original idea, flawless concept. I wish i had one. But i'm broke.
But if anyone wants to donate...you'd be my best mate forever!!!

Get a Crumpler..you're gonna love it

you're gonna love this baby.it just provides...and does look stylish.
i have one.you need one.

Bruno Dayan//a legend---at least for me

For all the Nerds out there whose last 6 years will finally(hopefully)make sense in 4 weeks.



This is my kind of porn....miauuuuuu


New Iphone4.0 found///somebody is getting sacked^^

head over to gizmodo to find out more
credits: gizmodo

Hotel Test Shooting

While i was in Hamburg I did a quick shooting with Laura(my muse).
I used nothing but available light, no reflector or anything else.
She was sitting right under the window.
The only thing i did was overexposing it by 2-3 steps.
Here is the result.


The beauty of what a coke bottle used to be is definitly vanishing...fast.

New 70-200 L 2.8 II

Apparently it's awesome. At least that's what they say...

Best Photography Blogs ...yaaaaay

No words needed


please donate so i can buy this baby...

50mb wooooooottttt. Me want some. RRRRRRRRRRRR.

you gotta love photography

credits : Dusan Reljin

New Shooting with Daphne

Here is a tutorial on how to recreate this pic.not a good one...but hey nothing in life is free.
Here is the originale file.
There is a golden reflector on the left, an some shades on the right...

2,8 aperture and 70 mm. Super easy.
The rest is Choppin Chopping Chopping....and then
you end up with something like this...

If you wanna know more...ask me...
if not...blah



Hi there fellow bloggers...finally I have a blog of my own, where you'll find news on the fashion industry and on my photography...yes I'm a photographer. So i'll try to give you guys some advice on mhh whatever you need advice on. Whether that would be retouching, technical stuff, or just finding models for your Modelshoot. My first post will be a poll on what pic you like better.Please Comment HEEEEEEEERRE WE GO...